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TAWAK, a fine dining palace


TAWAK, The Indo Orient Express

TAWAK - Sanskrit for Cinnamon / दालचीनी; has been one of the most revered and traded spices since the ancient Spice-Trade.
TAWAK is an endeavor to take along its patrons on a stimulating journey across the Asian continent to experience the rich diversity in flavors of Indian and Oriental cuisine. TAWAK celebrates the distinct identity of these unique & varied cultures, all of who immensely value their tradition and food. These great civilizations have flourished together through strong trade relations and cultural exchange over centuries with effects trickling down as exciting influences & fusion of their food.

The spectrum of cuisine at TAWAK comprises of food from the plains of Ganges to the riverbed of the Shinano. The menu reflects the best of all worlds, drawing inspiration from the distinguished culinary history of their respective regions while creating an urban dining experience.